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Total Turnkey Solution

Pairing this AED with our AED Program Management and Training services will provide your company a total turnkey solution.

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Real CPR Helper

The Zoll AED Plus provides realtime feedback as it monitors the depth and rate of compressions, and also coaches the rescuer with audio and text prompts shown on the screen.

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Low Ownership Cost

The Zoll AED Plus provides an overall lower cost in ownership compared to other AEDs as the pads and batteries are good for up to 5 years if not used.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

With the Zoll AED Plus, you do not have to worry abot replacing the pads and batteries every couple of years. The CPR-D-Padz and batteries last up to FIVE (5) years, if not used. The AED is powered by 10 lithium batteries. This cuts down on the cost of ownership of the AED overall.

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